For every Dollar your business invests in increasing the awareness of mental health issues and support for colleagues with mental health conditions you will save more than double that amount by reducing lost productivity and sick leave.
(ref: Beyondblue 2014)

Juno Consulting Adelaide is a professional counselling service who offers seminars for management, HR and employees.
Conducted on your premises, the seminars range from 1 – 2 hrs to a full-day workshop.
Ideal attendance numbers per seminar would be 4 – 15 participants.

Juno offers you the following seminars:

Stress Management, 60-90 minutes, $525.00 per seminar 

    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the effects of stress on brain and body
    • Discover trigger points and tools how to combat these
    • Be introduced to two proven methods of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focussed Therapy to help manage stress
    • Explore how to incorporate Breathing- and Mindfulness exercises into your every day.

Time Management, 60-90 minutes, $525.00 per seminar 

    • Explore how much time you are spending on various tasks
    • Learn where to start in order to achieve improved time management skills
    • The theory of 80/20 principle
    • Discover which important factors in time management assist – or hinder – you
      The Process of Work flow

Positive Conflict Resolution, 2 hrs,  $595.00 per seminar

  • Explore what ‘type of conflict person’ you are and the pros/cons of your type of conflict management
  • Learn to uncover underlying causes of conflict:
    Step by step – the art how to resolve conflict between parties using Active Listening Skills
  • Mediation – what is mediation and how mediation can help you during conflict
  • Time for participants to practice positive conflict resolution

This seminar would be ideal after the “Make Counselling Skills work for you” workshop, see below.

Make Counselling Skills work for you, full day**$ 1,200.00 per seminar

  • Learn about the current mental afflictions your staff might bring to work with them, for example Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar but also traumas such as grief, upheaval at home, anger and addictions
  • ALGEE – what to do in a Mental First Aid situation
  • Learn and practise proven communication- and Active listening skills as used by Lifeline counsellors and support workers

**for your convenience, this seminar can be split into two half days


“I have known Ursula Najar for at least 20 years and our friendship started while we were lecturing at a private college in Travel & Tourism.
Ursula is a highly qualified trainer with a lovely personality; she is a caring person with a great sense of humour. Ursula has a natural ability to facilitate any sort of workshop, she gets on well with all people. 
Her workshops are not only interesting; they are geared towards the workforce of today.
She is able to get the message across in an interesting and entertaining way.
These workshops are geared towards enhanced understanding of what is required in today’s workplace, resulting in happier staff and increased productivity.
I can highly recommend the tailor-made training Ursula can provide in accordance to the needs of your company. Best regards,”
Marion Bunnik, Product Director of Bunnik Tours, Adelaide


“I’ve been to many stress management seminars, but this was the best one”. 
Participant, LGA residential seminar

“Fantastic, will definitely be using these tools.”
Participant, Stress Management seminar


“Different perspective – great. I feel able to look at this in a different way.”
Participant, Time Management seminar