If you are not able to come to Juno, then a Skype-, Zoom- or telephone counselling session might be the next best thing. Working and living in remote areas of Australia, or being stuck at home with an injury or illness does not have to prevent you from looking after yourself.

As a former Lifeline – and Domestic Violence Helpline Telephone counsellor, I am well trained in conducting telephone counselling. Skype and Zoom are easy to set up – all you need is a working internet connection and a tablet/computer or your phone.

Online counselling is not suitable for all types of problems. Please ask for your free information leaflet today. Conditions apply.


Fees per session: $75.00
Please allow 45-60 minutes for a session.

Juno Consulting Adelaide is a Medibank Recognised Provider of Counselling for Medibank Private members who have got Premier’s Plus, SmartPlus or HealthyPlus Extras with the Bonus Package.

Conditions apply.