Become a Mental Health Social Supporter Certified.

How often have you had that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to say to a person who was distressed, upset or in tears? Becoming a Mental Health Social Supporter will give you the comfort of knowing what to say, how to support a person who is experiencing difficulties and, during the course, you’ll also learn a lot about yourself.

Most companies have designated fire wardens and someone who is trained in First Aid. You could be the designated Mental Health Social Supporter as part of your organisation, or you might simply want to give the best possible support to a loved one who needs your help.

The MHSS (Mental Health Social Support) course is an accredited, 2-day workshop which has been developed by the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC). Participants will be certified as Mental Health Social Supporters.


The course is endorsed by various organisations, for example The Australian Community Workers Association, The Australian Counselling Association, the Royal College of Nursing Australia, The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and so on. 

 As a fully accredited MHSS facilitator, together with almost ten years’ experience as a crisis supporter and counsellor, I can teach you invaluable insights in how to help those in need.

The skills you will learn can help you for many years to come.

MHSS workshop, 2 full days, $445.00 per person
Please ask for your free MHSS brochure and registration form today or you can learn more about Mental Health Social Support by logging on to

Places are limited to small groups. Minimum attendants: 2 participants.