Our children are increasingly under pressure at school, at sport or having to cope with changed family dynamics such as separated parents with new step-parents and siblings. Bullying at school and trying to fit in with peers can make life incredibly stressful.

As parents, we can sometimes feel lost what to do and we may feel guilty, angry and helpless all at the same time.


As a professional counsellor with an advanced study major on Child Development and Parenting as well as being a mum, I can assist you with the following issues:

  • Parenting
  • Pressure at school
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks
  • Grief & Loss
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Bed-wetting
  • Abuse
  • Changes in the family, ie Divorce, blended family, location changes
  • Bullying (for the child who is bullied as well as the one who has been accused of doing the bullying)

The techniques I use include drawings, picture cards, narrative therapy and mindfulness-techniques which were especially designed for children. Ideally, I would like to meet with you first without your child. This is to get a clear picture of what’s been happening in your family and what your concerns are in regard to your child.

Fees per session: $ 75.00

Book 5 sessions in advance for $320.00* (you save $55.00)
* why is that? Because booking a 5-session block allows me to carefully plan your therapy in advance

“Thank you for making my nightmares go away…” from a card by J, 9 years old