Counselling helps you to overcome a difficult situation you may find yourself in – be that stress or trauma from a current situation in your life or events from the past which may still haunt you. Don’t struggle through it alone – By using proven counselling methods, Juno can assist you to feel better and show you ways to cope and, eventually, to heal.


Juno offers counselling for the following issues:

  • Family – and Relationship issues
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Workplace Counselling
  • Stress – and stress-related issues
  • Anxiety, including panic attacks
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma, including abuse
  • Depression, including post-natal depression
  • Insomnia and Chronic Pain

One of the most beneficial techniques for improving your wellness is to combine Counselling with a relaxing 30 minute Mindfulness-meditation afterwards. Juno is unique in offering you this optional service free of charge.

Fees per session: $75.00
Please allow between 60-90 minutes for a session.

Book 5 sessions in advance for $320.00* (you save $55.00)
* why is that? Because booking a 5-session block allows me to carefully plan your therapy in advance

Juno Consulting Adelaide is a Medibank Recognised Provider of Counselling for Medibank Private members who have got Premier’s Plus, SmartPlus or HealthyPlus Extras with the Bonus Package.
Conditions apply.

After an anxiety crisis in March 2015 followed by a huge health issue Ursula led me to find my wellness colour in order to find strength deeply into myself.

Ursula supported me during the journey which saw me leaving domestic violence and recovering from a severe depression with suicidal ideation. She stood up beside me, discreetly supportive (even in front of an abusive husband), caring for me.

A friend told me last time “Your smile back on your face is the best gift you have ever given to your friends”. Ursula is definitely a part of my journey, I can only recommend her. Her naturopathy skills supported by a personal experience at Lifeline will bring you the opportunity to recover confidence in yourself, to recover faith in humanity and life.

If you aren’t yet convinced, I’m ready to meet with you to share my experience. Please phone Ursula and she will give you my mobile number.

Thanks Ursula

G.B, Warradale