Many large companies use EAP (Employee Assist Programs) to help their employees overcome trauma and stress which may stem from difficulties at home or workplace incidents. According to Beyond Blue, untreated mental health conditions cost Australian businesses billions of dollars every year.

As a former Lifeline and Domestic Violence Helpline counsellor, I can help your company to support your employees with an effective, short-term counselling program.

The length of the EAP is determined by you – many companies are offering 3, 5 or 10 sessions in order to keep their staff emotionally supported. In the long run, it is far more cost-effective to offer sessions to your employees than having to cope with absenteeism, sickness and possibly having to employ and train a new staff member. As much as we would like to keep our private lives separate from the workplace, in reality it is not possible. A death of a loved one, divorce, diagnosis of an illness or any other trauma which can occur outside of the workplace can understandably interfere with a person’s work performance.

Good employees are a company’s biggest asset. Support them by offering an Employee Assist Program.


EAP program for employees

3 sessions      $ 225.00
5 sessions      $ 375.00
10 sessions    $ 750.00

Research has shown that employees are far more likely to seek the assistance of a counsellor if they have met that counsellor in person beforehand. Booking one of my workplace seminars for your company not only gives you and your staff some fantastic new insights and skills, they are also the perfect gateway to meet a counsellor whom they can trust with their problems.

You will find more information in regard to training on my Workplace seminars page.


Please note:
Juno Consulting Adelaide is proudly contracted by Converge International, one of the biggest, not-for-profit organisations to offer EAP services for companies. If you are using Converge as your service provider, you can book me through them. If you are not contracted with them, please feel free to book my services directly – I am happy to meet you in person for a preliminary consultation, free of charge.